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Saturday, 27 September 2008
Top Track: London Elektricity – All Hell Is Breaking Loose
After a two year hiatus London Elektricity, aka Tony Colman, has returned with an album full of soulful energetic tracks which will no doubt stick a gigantic, electrified cattle prod into the arse of drum & bass.

Consisting of live, orchestral, funk driven dnb, the album is a compilation of massive anthems. One track however specifically stands out, the aptly titled, ‘All Hell Is Breaking Loose’.

Tony Colman, who runs Hospital Records, with fellow cohort Chris Goss has constantly been a forward thinking innovator within drum & bass, and with this track has set an entirely new standard.

Incorporating a vast array of influences from soul, blues and rock this track maximises various production elements to it’s greatest. Some producers within the scene can knock out tracks within a few hours, but from one listen you can easily tell why Tony Colman took so long to perfect this.

With a massive soul sample exclaiming, “You can’t hear me, all hell is breaking loose,” the tone of the track is set instantly.

A massive funk bassline runs though this track like a juggernaut whilst interspersed with John Barry-like orchestral samples.

Jungle Drummer throws in a crazed mish-mash of jazz driven high velocity beats that challenges anyone to not join in a crazed air drum salute.

This hell driven, adrenaline-fuelled reaches its crescendo when the track bursts into a massive guitar solo, pinpointing the genius and true creative nature of London Elektricity.

Take note that this fella is a massive fan of The Equalizers after they played back2back at Bristol's the Tube. Bing Tings!

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