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Thursday, 25 September 2008
New MacBooks in October

Mobile DJs and music producers rejoice, because the word on the grapevine is that new MacBook Pros, MacBooks and iMacs are a-comin’.
Details inside.
According to Apple Insider:
The new MacBook Pro will sport a new form battery cover that spans the width of the system, also providing access to the notebook’s hard disk drive when released via a latch on the bottom of the casing.
A new metal casing is one hell of a rumour as far as the MacBook pro is concerned, because it hasn’t seen a physical upgrade for nigh on seven years.
In 2003 the MacBook Pro (then called the PowerBook) switched to the now infamous aluminium design.
They changed a little in 2006 with the addition of a built-in webcam, albeit not as significantly as Mac Insider are making out regarding the 2008 range.
They go on to say:
Together, the redesigns of the MacBook and MacBook Pro are radical enough that they’ll warrant a special introduction.
Slimmer MacBooks are on the way
Both will see their first industrial design overhaul since adopting Intel processors over two years ago.
Most notable will be the 13-inch MacBook’s metamorphosis from a plastic-wrapped portable to one clad in aluminum and stainless steel.
Like the upcoming redesign of the MacBook Pro, the MacBook will be highlighted by aesthetic revisions reminiscent of those used on the new MacBook Air and the latest aluminum iMacs, such as instances of matte black on portions of the casings and tapering around the edges to produce a slimming effect.
Internally, both are also rumored to sport a mysterious chipset that is something other than Intel Corp.’s Montevina.
(Note: this should not be confused with the CPU, or primary Intel processor.)
As far as iMacs are concerned, Apple Insider reckons:
Separately, Apple is also planning to refresh its line of 20- and 24-inch iMac seasons ahead of the holidays.
People familiar with these plans have described the refresh to consist of ‘speed bumps’ rather than major internal or external changes.
Based on the roadmap presented to AppleInsider, these systems would debut later this fall following the release of the new MacBooks, making their way to market with little fanfare.
Sketchy shot of the sexy new MacBook Pro
Whilst you’ll have to wait until fall for new iMacs, the new MacBooks are allegedly due in October.
Is the picture on the right what Apple’s future product is going to look like?

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