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Tuesday, 23 September 2008
Dance-floor ammo: Dapayk ‘Deva’ Remix
With lines like, “I love my cocaine”, “I need drugs” and “I f*ck my way to the top”, this track is pretty representative of a big part of the club scene, as far as DJ groupies go.
Boasting solidly satisfying beats and beautiful late-’80s Detroit stabs ‘n’ pads, ‘Deva’ remix is a beautiful and addictive rush.
It triggers warm, fuzzy images of sexy VIP rooms in the world’s top house and techno clubs.
If you don’t listen to this right away, you’re going to miss out on one of the best 4 / 4 licks in recent years.
DJ groupies: look over your shoulder
But why is it called ‘Deva’? Is that a typo or something?
Unless Dapayk is referring to the sanskrit word for “god” or “deity”, we think it is.
They surely meant “Diva”!
It’s not suited to the darker dance floors, but as an intro, this will hook the crowd in and leave you able to take a set in many directions.
You can continue with the smooth vibes, or drop something a little harsher for a nice contrast.
We just love the chick chit-chatting naughty things across the track, it’s all very ironic but familiar in some strange way…
Proceed to aim your rolled up banknotes over track #4 in the Beatport Player and snort hard.

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