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Friday, 19 September 2008
Topless Russian DJ didn’t fake it, respond
Following on from yesterday’s debacle about Mari Ferrari, a topless Russian DJ who allegedly faked it during a gig in Spain, her agency have hit back with what they say is proof that she didn’t wing it.

“Here are three photos where it is clearly visible [that Mari Ferrari] is doing a sequence of DJ actions, which show that she was mixing,” they said, whilst zooming in on photos taken from the gig to highlight that the mixer faders were being used.

“The headphones are also clearly visible,” continued

They then pointed out that if Mari had turned up with only a laptop, she would have received similar complaints despite the fact that many “DJs [use] laptops so they don’t have to drag boxes of vinyl around with them.”

Certainly Mari Ferrari faces a uphill battle to be taken seriously, as she DJs naked.

The controversy surround this little embargo continues with rival DJs having a real old dig at naked Mari. With Coco Ariaz quoted as saying the following in response to her denial.

"You sounds more nuts than your words even here..
You think you intimidate me with your words? How dare you! Maybe you should think why all this is happening and what I can tell you, be careful because the only court that can solve this problem is in Spain (because the event was there) and believe me, you will fall from your own weight due that in case like this sueing go ahead as you say, all the testimonies from all the people involved in the event that see your fake dj actions will go to light, what means your agency and you will be the ones who will suffer the consecuences of the legal court decission and will make you dissapear from the scene straight away forever..
Be careful with your words crazy cow"

Check out Mari's response video on youtube:

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