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Wednesday, 17 September 2008
Topless Russian DJ was faking it, Spanish claim

When Spanish booking agency Class Concept International paid a large sum of money for a female Russian DJ to perform topless at an outdoor event in Tenerife, Canary Islands, afterwards they were left bitterly disappointed and felt they had been victims of a scam.
But it wasn’t the size of DJ Mari Ferrari’s nipples, or the amount of her body on show, that got the Spanish promoters ruffled.
It was her DJing skills, or rather, the lack of her DJing skills, that caused Class Concept to send an open letter to the industry claiming that the Russian DJ agency was in fact a lie.
A serious artist: Mari Ferrari
“This supposed female DJ from Russia during her performance at the event was playing from a tiny CD wallet (the same as the one we use in the car normally) an already pre-mixed music set from one or two CDs, and she was faking the movements of a real DJ, when she wasn´t really doing it for real, just acting,” claimed the Spanish.
“All the people involved in the event who were in the DJ box at the time, including DJs, promoters and camera men from Fashion TV, realised that she wasn´t mixing the music and was just making fake movements and touching the mixer to pretend to the crowd that she was really doing it, but in fact she wasn´t and it was purely a fraud.”
They continued: “She was just more occupied with dancing and shaking her head in the DJ box and was just too busy with her dancing movements to get involved in any kind of beat-matching or mixing.”
Class Concept concluded, are giving DJs “a bad reputation and worst of all, they are making and taking the money from the other serious female/male DJs that are working hard constantly to get it.”
When the Spanish promoters complained to about DJ Mari Ferrari supposedly faking it, the Russians called them liars and even claimed that the other DJs and promoters were on drugs at the time which would have impaired their ability to judge what was real and what wasn’t.
All we can say is, what did Class Concept expect?
When you book a female DJ to perform topless, it’s not her mixing skills that you’re paying for, but rather her boobs.
If she was any good at DJing, then she wouldn’t have to play with her tits out to get gigs.
As for, have you guys never heard of Ableton?

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    Dj Mari Ferrari djmariferrari

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