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Wednesday, 27 August 2008
Review: Boom Festival 2008
Psychadelic, Free Spirits, Beautiful People, Incredible Sound System, Journeyful Music, these are just a few things that Boom is and most definitely was this time round.

Having been to a few Booms in the past I knew that getting there early was a good idea in order to beat the que. However, I have now decided that this is an impossible task no matter how early you get there. We arrived on the Saturday before he opening Monday and went to "unwind" at the antiBoom on the otherside of the Idanha a Nova lake for one night. After a night of stomping and various stumblings we made our way to the Boom gate, with a pit stop at the supermarket to get some supplies, and when we arrived we entered into the PreBoom car park which entitled us to first entry into the festival the following day.
The PreBoom carpark was fun, a couple rigs were set up as usual, noticable a fine one from Ibiza that was playing some delightful Deep Tech House before moving onto Goa. Eventually by 6pm on Monday we got into Boom. And as always it was worth the wait.
The theme for this years Boom was Earth, and on arrival the theme was evident. There wasnt the large Balinese Bamboo structures that were the Dance Floor and the Ambient Forest of the last Boom. There was however various lushous patches of greeny areas, and sculpture made from the elements. It looked amazing as always, with the noticable addition of lots of shaded areas along the lake side. There was also the addition of the Groovy Beach, which for mean was a real treat. Playing funk and reggae from 5 -9, Dub Step from 9-12, Breaks from 12 -2 and then Dub House, Minimal and Tech House till Mid day. I personally discovered loads of amazing new artists and genre from area and was a breath of fresh air after a night and morning on the main Dance Floor where your mind tends to travel. Noticable artists that stood out from the Groovy Beach were Far Too Loud and Patrick Zigon.

The Ambient Forest was amazing as usual. The best area to chillout and always playing deep soulful ambient beats. It is a great place to gets some kip if you can't find it elsewhere and get yourself some Chai and vegetarian munch from places outside of the main eating area. The beach area behind the Ambient Forest is also the best place to watch the sunrise, and get yourself and very generous Capriosca while relaxing on a float.

On the opposite side of the wee footbridge from the Ambient Forest is the Sacred Fire. This gorgeous part of the festival is full of loads of fresh greenary and patches of lanscaped garden and of course the live stage. Again a great area to get away from the Boom of the main Dance Floor. Eating here is also a good idea, as the vegan restaurant was amazing and you could rest your belly on a nice patch greenery afterwards.

A little bit further around from the Sacred Fire was the Healing Area. At the previous Booms this was much more central, but its new location suited it purpose much better. Here you join hourly meditation and yoga classy or get various treatments. Ranging from Reiki, Massages, Osteopathy, all for a minimum donation of 20 euro. This was also a place were one can reflect on the Boom experience and really wind down and have a cat nap under a specially planted bit of shrub.
Now for the music on the Dance Floor. The opening of the rig was fantastic. As always it started with an ambient build up and built up into a stomping paradise. The atmosphere at this point was impossible to beat. Truly electric, and to be fair, this vibe carried on for the rest of the week. Notable acts from the week for me had to be from Artifakt, Burn In Noise, Cosmo, Fearsome Engine (the Tristan, Laughing Buddha combo), Shadow FX, Gocoo and Wild Marmalade. There was one night, perhaps the 3rd, when the music can only be described as Terror Trance, and o my days did it strike a cord. Could have been circumstances, but it sent me on a truly terrorfying journey. I love it!I cannot wait till the next one. Hopefully it will keep the mild weather that we got this year, because it can get VERY hot.

See more of my photos here and from others at the flickr group here


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