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Friday, 1 August 2008
In the Hidden Depths of Shoreditch

Last night was the 3rd Chapter in the San Miguel Hidden Depths series, and quite a chapter it was. Bass, sweat, countless eye candy, free beer, and some truly spectacular tune selection. It was definitely a night for the dancing shoes (and the sweat band), and a morning for the lie in and the Barrocca. Unfortunatley the latter was not possible, but the former was definitely out there.

We arrived just after 9 and were greeted by some very friendly Hidden Depths girls, who welcomed us with some big smiles. Unusual welcome really, concidering the door people at T-Bar at notoriously pretty rowdy. Sure enough, while we were cueing, the normal bouncers were laying into a local "business" man, who they had kicked out the week before. The tattoo on his face and the thick I-Tie accent was probably the give away. Anyways, on the way in we walked past Ashely Beedle getting interviewed on the stairs, and then we were given a nice envelope with some free drinks to start the evening (£100 later). T Bar was already completely packed out and fuking boiling. One thing that I also noticed upon first glance, apart from the shweltering heat, was the abundance of incredibly attractive women.... They were everywhere! Nice

Giles Smith and James Priestley were on the decks when we came in, playing some nice oldskool disco and playful house. After having some fun playing with the projection screen, and finishing off my free San Miguel, a special treat hit the decks in the form of Ashlee Beedle. “The Original Rude Boy” has worked with EVERYONE! And remixed EVERYTHING! And when I say everyone I mean everyone – from the newest kids on the musical block to the oldest swinger himself, Sir Mick of Jagger. And I actually managed to enjoy this set because I was united with my new best friend for the night... the big coooling fan by the DJ booth.

Then came the piece de resistance, the legendary Theo Parrish. This guy, single handely made it a night to remember without a shadow of a doubt, no offence to his predassors. Playing a mixture of really dirty deep house, detroit and some wicked funkin disco mixes. This was when the dancing shoes really came into their own. Unfortunately, this guy does not play in the city too much, so it was pretty special... and it was all for free...

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