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Monday, 29 September 2008
First dubstep documentary on DVD
Dubstep has been one of the most exciting musical melting pots over the last few years.
From the techno-tinged outings of 2562 to the deep percussive onslaughts of Shackleton, from Burial’s enigmatic and haunting garage and early rave days nostalgia to the genre-bending works of people like Scuba, Mala, Martyn or T++, dubstep has always kept the pace, exploring new sonic territories.

Finally the brooding dubstep scene becomes its first documentary.
It’s been about time that a someone takes on the task of filming a documentary on dubstep. Now it’s arrived and it is called ‘Dubfiles’.

Apparently the DVD features interviews with top producers like Skream, Benga, Pinch, Hatcha, Caspar and many more, taking the time to look behind the scenes, discussing personal and musical backgrounds, art, politics, food and a whole lot more.

There is also a CD compilation to accompany the DVD, which features tracks from most of the interviewed artists like ‘Big Headed Slags’ by Caspa, to Rusko’s ‘Get Ya Cock out’, D1’s ‘Dubstep Warz’ and Pinch’s ‘Airlock’, alongside recent winners from Benga, Skream and N-Type.

‘Dubfiles’ should be available in all good independent music stores, or you can order it at


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