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Friday, 5 September 2008
Drum and Bass DJ, Grooverider is released from jail
After serving 10 months of his 4 year jail sentence for the possesion of a mere 2.16g of weed found in his luggage, the vetran drum&bass DJ, Grooverider has officially been released from prison in Dubai.

The DJ (whose real name is Raymond Bingham) called his arrest 'ridiculous' and declaring: "I must have forgotten the spliff. It was a small amount. Back home I would not even get prosecuted.", and upon release has vowed never to return to teh UAE. Stating that all he wanted to do was spend time with his family and friends.
It seems several people are feeling the rath of the strict rules that govern Dubai. With a couple recently being sentenced to 8 years for supposedly having sex on the beach. Then there was a similar case resulted in a similar conviction involving a similar minor celebrity.

Dallas Austin had to count on a conservative Republican senator/songwriter, an '80s R&B singer who is inexplicably massive in the Middle East (Lionel Ritchie), a real-estate mogul, several ambassadors from around the globe and a Grammy-winning producer before he was released.

If only Grooverider had such friends! I'm not sure Andy C and Roni Size would cut it, perhaps Foxy and Det might help though. Anyways, I'm glad he's out, what a ridiculous sentence for such a joint. Looking forward to his return on the DnB scene and Radio 1xtra.

Check out the flyer for the event that cost Grooverider 10 months of his life:

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