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Thursday, 28 August 2008
The Future of Djing?
Feast your eyes on the world’s first touch-screen decks. Apple had the idea (see related article below) but this guy got there first.

No, these aren’t the product of a major corporation like Vestax or Technics, they are in fact the brainchild of a design student in Dundee, Scotland. Most students have the same idea at the same points in their lives: “I’ll do something for my final year that I can use to get me a job”. Not Scott Hobbs. Hobbs’ touch screen creations are supposed to be used in a traditional turntable configuration, with two of them connected to a mixer via a line-out. A laptop harbours the MP3 or audio tracks that are then manipulated via the touch screen decks.

Hobbs even wrote the damn software: “I have plans to develop it to work with other DJ software,” he exclaimed.

“The TT would make an amazing Midi controller, as well as just a standalone unit, so DJs can use them as they wish.” Not only could this be the future of Djing but it could revolutionise the AV displays as well.

Check out this cat’s creations at and BeatPortal for full article.

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