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Monday, 10 November 2008
Obamarketing - Ltd Ed Shepard Fairey Prints Say Obama is Progress
Shepard Fairey’s subversive ‘Obey’ graphics are powerful because of their vague (obey whom?) but clearly political overtones (he’s depicted Stalin, Mao and even Bush). Now he has turned his attentions to Barak Obama, and the man he believes stands for progress and hope. The results have been amazing--the first run of limited edition prints sold out in 15 minutes and now he is looking at expanding his pro-Obama efforts.

"I just thought now was the time for me to stick my neck out and root for someone who I think has the potential to be awesome. Hopefully he won't disappoint me, but when I look at the rest of the field, in my eyes he stands way above any one else. That said, while I'd like people to get behind Barack, I also made a poster in the same color scheme that just says "Vote!" Even the way I worded the announcement on my site, I just pointed out why I support him and then encouraged people to check him out for themselves. I don't want to tell people to vote for Barack because I say so. Even if you like my art and think it's a cool poster, don't vote for Barack unless you think he's the right guy." (creativity-online)

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