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Tuesday, 29 July 2008
DJ Krush - Most technical living DJ

Zen Approach, Broken Home, Candle Chant, Road to Knowhere, The Begginning, Final Home, No More, all the mixing on Cold Krush Cuts, are just the bases of my love for DJ Krush. For the last 6 years, basically as long as I've been into electronica, downbeat, or whatever you want to call it Krush has been my all time favourite. AND I'm not alone. DJ Shadow, Amon Tobin, and DJ Food all claim to hold DJ Krush the closest to their heart.

It took me 5 desperate years to finally see Krush live and after hearing very mixed reports of his live performances, I was extremely over excited to say the least. The gig was at Clockwork, Bristol. The crowd was whack, and there was definitely a huge handful who had no idea what they had actually come for. In the front though was me and that was all that materred. I got in zone, and let the incredible visuals and technical downbeat trippiness take me away. And away it really did. I must admit, when I finally came to going to sleep. It was difficult, I was still well and truly in the Krush warp.

Good news is I can hopefully re-live this adventure twice this weekend. Krush is playing a The Big Chill on Friday and at Koko on Sunday. I will be at one of them that is for sure. The cherry on the top though, is Vadim and Luke Vibert are going to be a both events as well. What an absolute fucking amazing summer treat. Brrraap!

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